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Create Unity Between Parents

Create Meaning In What You Do

Maintaining Consistency

The Decision Has Already Been Made

Discovering Your Parenting WHY

Introduction to Parenting

Block Party: What are your Top 5 Priorities as a Parent (or Family)?

Life is a Definition

Block Party: What part of the encroaching world do you have ZERO tolerance for?

Find Your Purpose

Block Party: How do you compromise your parenting when in public?

Being a Shield To Your Children

Inner Child.

kidCLANS #9: Sick & Medicated: What happens when you podcast at 20.4%.

Don't Squirt Your Local Police

kidCLANS #8: 10 Questions For My Grandson Sam

Block Party: What strategies do you use to promote healthy sleep habits in your children?

Games Children Play

kidCLANS #7: Hanging Out With My Grandson Charlie

Block Party: How do you promote empathy and understanding in your children?

Please Don’t Let My Baby Die


kidCLANS #6 Weaving the Fabric of Family: Creating Cherished Memories for Generations

Block Party: How do you handle tantrums or meltdowns in public?

The Male Idiot

Eating in your room

kidCLANS #5 Family Traditions: The Fine Line Between Heartwarming and Mildly Traumatic

Block Party: What is your favorite family game or activity to do together?

Life Can Only Get Better

kidCLANS #4 Kids Questioning Their Value (and how to HELP them)

Block Party: How do you navigate social pressures and peer influence with your children?

Children Are The Main Source of Joy and Meaning in the Human Life

kidCLANS #3 Progressing in a Mortal World

Block Party: What do you value most in your parenting style?

How Four Words Changed My Marriage

How Four Words Changed My Marriage

FEEDBACK: Can I Get Your Opinion?

kidCLANS #2 Are You Raising Kids People Hate?

Monster Under The Bed

Block Party: What activities do you enjoy doing as a family outdoors?

Why people hate you (they just don’t say it)

kidCLANS #1 The Buckley's Are Not Nice (but people love them)

Block Party: How do you balance parenting with your other responsibilities?

Worst Mom Ever

Pondering Purpose: Because Everyone Needs Something to Laugh at While Procrastinating

kidCLANS #0 Because Everyone Needs Another Podcast About Families... Right?

BLOCK PARTY: What parenting advice would you give to your younger self?

Don't Let His Smile Hide His Stupid


Regret, Fatherhood, and Purposeful Parenting

BLOCK PARTY DISCUSSION: What is the most surprising thing you've learned since becoming a parent?

SHARE THIS POST: 25 Family Fun Activities Most Parents Don’t Think Of

BLOCK PARTY DISCUSSION: What Song(s) Deeply Impacted Your Life In A Positive Way?

Parenting Power: Supply the 'Whys' or Surrender to the World's Influence

BLOCK PARTY DISCUSSION: What is the biggest concern for your family right now?

Is A Woman's Place In The Home?

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