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kidCLANS #4 Kids Questioning Their Value (and how to HELP them)

kidCLANS #4 Kids Questioning Their Value (and how to HELP them)

Do your children think they have to qualify for your love?
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I hate to say this, but there is a growing pattern among the youth of this world. Many are ending their own lives over a belief that they have no value.

A child…having NO VALUE!??!

In this short episode, I share a very personal story of my own relationship with my son. A young man whom I love with all my soul…and how I failed him as a father.

Learn from my mistake.

Save your child from this mindset and tell them the TRUTH.

…that you LOVE them, no matter what!

NOTE: I say "intrinsic love" in the podcast, but I should have said "Intrinsic Value". Thinking of my son overwhelmed me in the moment…I apologize for that error.

Question: Have you told your child(ren) that you love them?

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