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kidCLANS #1 The Buckley's Are Not Nice (but people love them)

kidCLANS #1 The Buckley's Are Not Nice (but people love them)

A conversation with daughter #4
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I knew this was going to be hard…just not THIS hard.

Okay, we both know that when you have little kids about, it’s going to be noisy. That’s just how life works. When you are trying to record a podcast, you truly need to have the environment as quiet as possible.

Those two just don’t mix.

The only time the house is as close to silent as you’re going to get is 3am. I do get up at that time to write, and if I can, get some audio work done. There’s no way I can get my guests to join me at 3am. It’s juts not going to happen.

So today’s episode was a complete experiment.

Use What You’ve Got, Be Who You Are

We have tools for virtually any creative challenge. My go to tool set today was a fun little lapel mic splitter and an iPhone adapter. It’s all we had available, and the small window of opportunity to talk with my daughter was there.

So we took it.

The quality was far better than I realized it would be, just not like the studio in the office. When we discussed this afterwords, it hit me that this is more likely to be the norm in the future than not.

Sorry about that in advance. I’ll shoot for the best quality I can, and work from there.

Hope you enjoy this long-form conversation in the Buckley home.

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