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kidCLANS #0 Because Everyone Needs Another Podcast About Families... Right?

kidCLANS #0 Because Everyone Needs Another Podcast About Families... Right?

But do they have 13 kids?

This is a project I’m excited about.

Family is important everything to me, and yes, I know there are hundreds of family podcasts out there. Not sure how many of those podcasts have 13 children, but I know the Buckley’s have a unique spin on life. We are not perfect, and we have opinions on virtually everything, but I’m confident you’ll be interested in having conversations with us.

The Buckley clan
…a very small portion of my own clan.

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BBQ picture of Jaime Buckley's cooking
Yup, this is my personal grill — and we had SO muck good food, and my DAD showed up to visit!!

Happy 4th of July!

In this first episode I ramble just a bit about what bothers me in society, and I’m wondering how we got here. I also covered:

  • This podcast is about family

  • Topics will cover a wide spectrum, so we can figure out what we think of things

  • I have the equipment to go mobile to have conversations with other parents

  • I want you to join us in these conversations (so sigh up — it’s free)

  • We have a Block Party every Thursday where we discuss a single question (here’s yesterdays question)

  • We rely 100% on word-of-mouth, so tell a friend (or five) about kidCLANS

Hope you’ll join us!

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kidCLANS Podcast
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