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There are MANY things I would say to my younger self...but I think the biggest one would be:

Love them. Truly love them. That doesn't mean giving them whatever they want, or caving in to please them. Loving them is doing the right thing for the right reasons, for their overall good.

Sometimes that's making hard choices. Sometimes that means holding them accountable for their word, or for the things they do wrong, regardless of the consequences, because those ARE consequences for choices made.

Loving your children means never, ever...EVER attaching the impression that their behavior/performance is connected to your love for them.

You will break their heart...and lose them.

I say that, younger self, because it is going to take you almost TWENTY YEARS to mend that fence with one of your kids...BUT YOU DO IT, DAMMIT -- BECAUSE IT'S YOUR FAULT.

He will forgive you.


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Most things are not as important as you think. Those grades? No one cares in a few years. But cuddles? Love? Support? Letting them know you'll always support them and love them even when things go wrong? So much more important.

I wish I'd realized that the stain on the carpet would be a funny story... And that the carpet doesn't matter.

Love every minute.

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