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This may sound strange, but at this moment in time my greatest concern is that I'm not able to be as loving and patient as I want to be. Yes, I realize this needs some clarification:

• I have gay & trans family.

• I have gay & trans friends and co-workers.

• I am also a spiritual and religious man, who lives his beliefs.

• I have NEVER forced those beliefs on another. Instead, I live as best I can by what I profess, and by setting that example, loving other people at every turn, people can (and do) approach me and we have conversations.

The LBGTQ+ folks of today are nothing like my gay & trans family. People who respect my family, respect how I am raising my family -- and who know they have nothing to do WITH raising my family. They live their lives, and I live my own. We make our choices, we live with our choices. It's that simple.

My family has the same attitude as this man who openly challenged the sick, encroaching wave of depravity reaching out for my children and making those who fought for gay rights look bad.


I consider myself a 'kind' person. Anyone who knows me has experienced my love for them, and I like everyone.


There is a movement that is reaching into every aspect of my family -- on every TV, every monitor, every smartphone, entering into every conversation -- seeking to corrupt the values I strive to teach my family, sacrifice to maintain for my family, and I will not stand by and ignore it.

I stand and support -- yes, even defend -- consenting adults choosing to do whatever they choose to do. But when you get into my face and tell me that I have to allow your lifestyle choices into my personal space, that it 'must' be taught to my children -- especially when it's against every fiber of what I personally believe -- then you are openly choosing to start a fight.

You have followed me, to my home, then entered where you were not invited, nor wanted, and started attacking my family,...most specifically my children? That was unwise on your part.

What's worse, is you truly have no idea what you potentially unleashed by your own hand, with millions of people who feel the same way I do.


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