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I think the biggest surprise I had was in learning that sometimes, less is more. Letting a child learn (safely) the consequences of an unwise action is powerful. The trick is figuring out how to do that safely!

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For me, the biggest surprise as a parent was learning that there are no perfect parents.

Some of us just have more skills, better organization, or they just hide their crap better. It hit so hard and gave me hope, because the lessons my father tried to drill into me AS a kid still applied!

My favorite is still: "You have a good heart, son. If you can maintain that good heart, the rest is just practice."

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Biggest surprise thus far for me is that it’s not my job to make sure my kids are happy. No matter how good a job I might do, my kids will always have the ability to choose something else contrary to what I’m teaching and encouraging. The independent will I see at work in my three year old gives me new respect and humility for what we put God through.

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